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简政放权 Streamlining administration and delegating power

2014-04-03 17:23:14


简政放权 Streamlining administration and delegating power.

凡事不患有难,患不备。The thing we need to fear is not the difficulty, but the lack of preparedness.

择宽处行,谋长久之利。Focus more on common ground in pursuit of long-term benefits.

干一寸胜过说一尺 Even a small action is a lot more important than a thousand words.

吾道一以贯之 One needs to be persistent in one’s pursuit of the objective.

开了弓哪,还有回头箭?我们只能是一抓到底、一往无前。How can an arrow shot be turned back? We are most determined to see this reform through.

智者求同,愚者求异。The wise people will seek common interests, while the unwise ones will focus on their differences.