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Intangible heritage

2014-04-03 17:19:10



Wang Wenzhang: the protection work for China’s intangible heritage has stepped into the area of scientific and sustainable development.

Wang Wenzhang, President of the Arts Research Academy of China and director of the protection center of China’s intangible cultural heritage, said that on balance, protection work of China’s intangible heritage has stepped into the phase of scientific and sustainable development when he was interviewed by Yang Chuang, a reporter with on March 11, 2014.

Wang believes that China’s intangible cultural heritage protection is corresponding more to the law for cultural heritage protection. He pointed that the good work has resulted from the coordination from various sectors of society, of which the most important is the inheritance and passing on of intangible cultural heritage, because they value what they own. He also pointed to some problems that exit in the protection of intangible cultural heritage.