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Cultural exchange platform to be completed in 2016

2014-03-30 18:47:28



Shanghai has started building a World Expo Museum in collaboration with the Bureau of International Expositions. When it opens in May of 2016, the museum is expected to become a cultural exchange platform between local Chinese and expats.

Located between a temporary Shanghai Expo exhibition building and the Lupu Bridge in Puxi, the new museum will have a construction area twice as big as the temporary exhibition. It is still unclear what exhibits will be in the new museum.

"In the museum, I would like to find out also more about the artists, where they are from, what are the thoughts well behind it. So it would be very helpful if there will also be English translation. So the foreigners can tell and understand what the artists meant." RITA Stalemhoef said.

"Everything is made in China. And even in my country in Azerbaijan, even starting from little fridge magnets to big things, it’s made in China. In my country which doesn’t have anything to do with China, you know it’s a different place. So we know everything about modern life. It would be nice to know some hidden parts, just daily Chinese life." Nigar Hamer said.

Government officials in charge of the project say the museum will include more than just exhibits about the World Expo.

"Beginning from next year, we will start collecting exhibits from the public. Hopefully, those foreigners who visited the Shanghai Expo and still live in town can share their life experience in their own country with us. So we will know more about different countries." Hu Jingjun, Director of Shanghai Admin. of Culture, Radio, Film and TV said.

The Museum’s curator says due to the success of the 2010 Expo, the Bureau of International Expositions has for the first time agreed to offer official support to the museum, including helping to set up an Expo document center and a public library in it. So the museum’s exhibits will not be restricted to Shanghai or China.

"The museum will not only display the 160-year-history of the World Expo, the Shanghai Expo but also future Expos. Hopefully, it will become a research and education platform for the world fair. " Liu Xiuhua, Curator of Shanghai World Expo Museum said.

Liu says most of the museum will be free to enter.