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The delegates of NPC and CPPCC discuss Korean dramas & Mo Yan weighs in

2014-03-30 17:49:42


The original title: Mom doesn’t worry that I watch Korean dramas because many people do the same.

The delegates of NPC and CPPCC

Mo Yan: People like foreign movies and dramas because they always tell brilliant stories. People’s enthusiasm for these productions illustrates that the Chinese need this style. Look at Chinese and foreign dramas, we would make a comparison among them which can improve people’s ability of appreciation so we could see them. I believe that Chinese dramas will have the opportunity to develop well in the future, we just need to be patient.

Lei Xianhe (The chief director Changchun Film Studios) South Korea and Japan have studied dramas for dozens of years, for instance, how to shoot idol dramas? Therefore, we shouldn’t be limited.

Pu Cunxi: You’d better rethink what we did before you judge South Korea. We should do better rather than complain about other peers.

Cao Kefan (presenter): My wife loves Korean dramas while I like American TV dramas. I believe Korean dramas touch women more because my wife still weeps even after watching some episodes for a third time. Korean culture just copies the ethics and truth from Chinese ancestors in a profound yet simple way, which has been ignored by China.

Gao Mantang (screenwriter of Chuang Guan Dong): Recently we should study the commercialization of Korean dramas as well as the view of reflecting themes. Indeed, Chinese dramas cannot always reflect the reality of China broadly and profoundly without the quality of life.

Xu Qinsong (President of Academy of Arts of Guangdong): The Korean wave is not just about Korean dramas, but it can destroy our cultural self-esteem due to us having a limited cultural confidence.


Pan Shiyi: One time I had dinner with Quan Zhixian. “What do you do,” I asked. She answered, “I’m an actress.” “And you?” she asked. “Architect,” I replied. I did not have an interpreter so I didn’t ask more, but I did get her autograph.

Zhao Wei: My Love from the Star is really good! I have to praise it though I don’t know how many episodes it has.

Yang Qianwu: I give My Love from the Star five stars because it is more imaginable and thorough than China’s tv productions

Liu Chun: My Love from the Star is incredible with the alien, a crazy girl friend, SNS, Quan Zhixian and a handsome boy traveling through time and space. Oh, we should learn from this drama and use handsome actors.

Yu Zheng(screenwriter and producer): Today I finished the twelfth episode of My Love from the Star. It is great and has a concise and tangled plot, and also there are no chaotic scenes indoors and outdoors. We should learn from its advantages, but the total creation cannot be theirs. Though My Love from the Star is good and worth studying, I still think we should focus on China’s dramas.

Kong Ergou (writer): Maybe many people wonder why I love My Love from the Star and Du Minjun likes sweet girls. The answer is: everyone likes those who like them.

Yan Fu (Chinese department professor at Fudan University): “Star,” is related to cultural elements of the East set in a modern time so it is popular in China. Not to mention the flashing ancient scenes, colorful clothing geomancy and medical treatment, but more importantly, love is different between the East and West.