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Traditional culture debated during Two Sessions

2014-03-30 17:49:42



“Culture is the vain of our nation,” Premier Li Keqiang said in his report on government work. Carrying forward and improving traditional Chinese culture was met with enthusiastic discussion with deputies during the Two Sessions.

Allow more excellent work to connect with the masses

“The media should persevere in correct guidance and core values, to guide society in setting up a value system with a national spirit and a stable value orientation,” said CPPCC member, and chef editor of China Youth Newspaper Chen Xiaochuan who stated the responsibility and mission, undertaken by the media in carrying forward and improving traditional Chinese culture. Chen also said that, “The mass media should not be kidnapped by audience rating and read rating, it should allow more and more excellent compositions connect with the masses through various avenues.”

“If we lose our traditional culture, we lost our core values,” said famous actor, Zhang Guoli, who also noted that in the overall backward situation of China's cultural industry, it is necessary to establish certain protection policies to support the dominant culture and develop ways to build the market and international competitive power of Chinese culture.

To the new “South Korean Wave” stirred by South Korean television dramas, the former head of Hunan Broadcasting and Television, Ouyang Changlin said with great emotion, “Why can’t television programs made in China do the same? The market, capital, talent and resources in China outweigh South Korea. Besides, our economic and cultural strengths have been growing so why hasn’t a ‘Chinese Wave’ appeared? We need to think deeply about how to export traditional Chinese culture through film and television productions.”

“A brilliant traditional national culture should possess the development of innovativeness and creativeness. Whether in artistic forms or in a textbook, and in how we spend everyday, we should avoid the commonplace,” said CPPCC member, famous performing artist, Jiang Kun who felt that to make audiences really feel traditional culture and art is good for both the country and the people.

Blend traditional culture with modern times

“Traditional culture is the root,” said NPC representative and writer Liao Huage who also stated, “Fastening the root then absorb, this is how to carry forward and promote our culture.” In the opinion of Wu Huan, CPPCC member and calligrapher, the key is to take the quintessence and extend it.

NPC deputy and vice-school master of Taishan Ethnic middle school, Song Wenxin expects to synthesize the power in all respects and integrate the spirit of the times and national traditional cultural spirit in order to widely spread our culture.

The central national concert master, Xi Qiang said, “For establishing an image of cultural power, it is supposed to blaze abroad the most representative national culture.”

China Eastern performing art group chairman, Gu Xin said, “To spread abroad Chinese traditional culture, we ought to use an international language, and the precondition is to identify the foundation of the culture.”

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