Guo Zhen: relation between artistic creation and life experiences

Updated: 2014-07-13 17:19


Q: It’s no wonder when a piece of work based on the life’s reality can touch a person’s heart.

A: Because everyone has various life experiences, and if you pay no attention to them, they will be forgotten. But life experience is indeed a treasure to people. A novelist will take his life experiences as his source material and dig deeper, because he once experienced them. Most of us have the same experiences, and deep individuality means extensive universality.

Q: You’ve been in America for 20 years?

A: Yes

Q: When did you come back to China?

A: Honestly speaking, I came back to China in 2012 because of my painting. At that time, invited by Gao Minglu, I attended the opening exhibition of Mizuki prototype at the Sanchuan Museum of Art in Nanjing. A number of senior artists attended the ceremony, including Xu Bing, Wang Hongzhong and Zhang Yu. This year, I attended the Documentary Exhibition of the 1980s at

the Himalaya Museum of Art in Shanghai. Now, I am busy with my itinerant exhibition, and it will run through 2015.

Q: You’ve been in America for more than 20 years, and did you notice some differences in our artist market compared with that of before you went abroad?

AOf course, great changes have taken place. I don’t think there was a market at that time, because we draw because of the art itself, and we never considered such factors as whether our works were recognized by people or the market or how much my works can be sold. When I was in America, I felt the necessities for the market. At that time, the works can be divided into commercial and artistic, and the former sold better than the latter. I created many works at that time, most of which are colorful and exotic, so they sold very well. Gradually, contemporary art became more market-oriented. Now, most of the contemporary works in the foreign countries sell well, and both Chinese contemporary and traditional works have become popular in the artistic market.

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