Brief Introduction of Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau

Updated: 2014-04-29 10:22

Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau is a bureau-level public service unit responsible for the professional service of investment promotion directly under People's Government of Beijing Municipality.Main function: Responsible for promoting domestic and foreign investors and enterprises to invest in Beijing, Introducing domestic and foreign High-end talented person to develop in Beijing, Holding the concourse Fair, Beijing investment conference series of investment promotion activities in Inside and outside, guiding and coordinating the District Development Zone’s work about investment and promotion.

1 attract investments. The promotion of domestic and foreign investors and enterprises in Beijing investment, the introduction of domestic and foreign high-end talent development held in Beijing, Beijing and Hong Kong in the domestic investment fair, Beijing fair and other series of investment promotion activities, guiding and coordinating the District Development Zone Investment Promotion work.

2 Enterprise service. Responsible for providing environment promotion to domestic and foreign investors and enterprises in Beijing, policy advocacy, investment consulting, business opportunities, projects and docking, approval agency, personnel service, complaint handling, problem solving and other services, responsible for comprehensive consulting, the fixed assets investment project management services.

3 administrative examination and approval. Responsible for taking cognizance of the enterprises to invest and executives’ work, responsible for enterprises to invest in reward and executives to the capital account.

4 investment abroad. Responsible for Coordination service for overseas investment enterprises in Beijing.

5 foreign enterprises party's mission building. Responsible for foreign enterprises, trade unions and the Communist Youth League Construction party.

Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau established 13 offices. including Beijing municipal green channel for investment approval, Beijing foreign investment enterprise complaint center, other provinces and municipality regions in Beijing investment enterprise complaint center, Beijing Foreign Investment Service Center, Beijing foreign investment enterprises occupation introduction center; the main pipe of Beijing Association of enterprises with foreign investment, Beijing International investment promotion, Beijing foreign enterprise trade union federation, Beijing foreign enterprise Commission etc institutions.

Contact us Please contact us with the number as follows if you need the service of Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau:

Telephone number: Phone Operator's Room 65541880

Office 65543151 Office of Party Committee 65543172 labour union 65545284

The Financial Department 65543160

personnel division 65546566

The Department of Research Development 65542790

Regional Promotion Office 65543165

The Department of Business Liaison 65543152

The Department of Big Activities 65543166

Industry Promotion Office 65543168

The Consultation Department 65543149

The Department of Project Promotion 65543086

The Department of Foreigh Investment Promotion 65543029

The Department of Association Work 65543163

Beijing Foreign Investment Service Center 65543147

Secretariat of Beijing International Investment Promotion Committee 65546203

Secretariat of Beijing Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment 65543163

Beijing Reception Office for Foreign Investor Complaints 65543164

Beijing Labor Union for Enterprises with Foreign Investment 65545284

Green channel for the check and approval of investment enterprises by People's Government of Beijing Municipality 65542552

Green channel for the check and approval of Tai Waninvestment enterprises by People's Government of Beijing Municipality 65543173

Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau

Address: 3rd and 4th floor of F building, Fuhua Mansion, No.8, North Street of Chaoyangmen, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Zip code: 100027

Fax: 0086-10-65543161

Tel: 0086-10-65541880 0086-10-65543162


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