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New reflections on design and art in Beijing's hutong

2013-09-29 13:16:16

( By Yang Qi


Manon Schaap, one of founders of SALON/BJ, introduces the art project to visitors at Dashilar (one of Beijing's the most ancient and distinctive neighborhoods and commercial streets) on September 26 in Beijing.  [photo by Yang Qi/]


SALON/BJ, is a vital part of "Design Goes Dutch" during Beijing Design Week 2013, and is a platform for design, fashion, art and culture, where both young and new talents along with established designers and artists present their work at various locations throughout the city.

SALON/BJ invites you to participate in a new reflection on fashion, design and art in a context that transcends the boundaries of the various disciplines while focusing on the underlying creative process. Every location features a specific presentation, which can also take the shape of an installation.SALON/BJ aspires to stimulate the interaction between designer, inhabitants, public and space, where the process and experience takes central stage.

SALON/BJ was founded in July 2010 by Gijs Stork and Manon Schaap, with the purpose of encouraging a dialogue between design, fashion, art and culture while providing insight into the deeper layers of creative disciplines and new forms of cultural entrepreneurship.

Location: Various locations in Dashilar

Time: September 25 – October 3, 2013

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