Fireworks light up Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong


Updated: 2013-02-13

Every year during Spring Festival, fireworks light up the skyline over Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor. This year, thousands have lined up on both sides of the iconic site for the spectacle. Now let’s go live to Victoria Harbor to witness the pyrotechnic display.

A total of 23,888 fireworks will be lit from 3 barges. The whole show will last 23 minutes.

The fireworks display begins over the sea, moves along Victoria Harbor, before finishing over the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai.

The biggest fireworks displays in Hong Kong are staged during Chinese New Year, Hong Kong’s return-to-China anniversary and National Day.

If you are in Hong Kong or plan to visit in the future, take note: The best vantage points to appreciate the show are said to be from Star Avenue to the coast beside the Hong Kong Cultural Center; from the waterfront promenade on Golden Bauhinia Square; or from a Victoria Harbor cruise.

Despite its modern, metropolitan status, Hong Kong remains deeply traditional. Preparing for and celebrating Chinese New Year is rich in old rituals and customs.