Chinese Zodiac Sign -Snake


Updated: 2013-02-04

Weaknesses of Snake

People born inside the Snake Year are probably to be jealous and suspicious. They should be cautious about what they talk about with others, because it could trigger them to shed friendship and possibilities. Snake men and women are likely to overdo things. They favor to depend on themselves and have doubts about other people's judgment. They're courteous with polite manners, however they could be headstrong. They are fickle and typically have difficulties in relationships or marriage troubles.

The Year Prospect:

Snakes favor living a life of calmness, preferring quietness over noise plus a manageable workload as opposed to a schedule that’s overly-booked. Snakes turn out to be simply stressed when their lives aren’t peaceful or in order. An excessive amount of this way of life can shorten a snake’s life. The Year of the Serpent symbolizes a progressive year with fruitful results. Your year will probably be further rewarded by chances from abroad. Moving or travelling will uncover you unexpected surprises.

2013 Chinese Horoscope: Snake

The Year of Water Snake, February 10, 2013 to January 30, 2014, will let you shine! This energy enhances your natural charm and quiet self-confidence. You'll easily set and work to achieve ambitious goals.

In a Snake year all your qualities, positive and negative, are magnified. This means your tendency to be suspicious can become unreasonable paranoia. Your need to balance injustice can spark bitter retaliation. Take a deep breath and keep your sense of humor. Personal success is the best revenge!

In a Water Snake year, emotional sensitivity helps you easily read where other people are coming from. Never doubt your intuition.


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