A room in the city from the Comedy of Valence

The image


The image by Samuel Beckett is a bit of a special play. The author expresses in one sentence, that is ten pages long, a memory of a strange walk in love. An intriguing play directed by Arthur Nauzyciel, choreography by Damien Jalet, and read by Anne Brochet et Huang Lu.

CHENGDU June 22nd 20:00 Jincheng Palace

KUNMING June 25th 20:00 Nordica TCG



Phèdre, is Jean Racine's most beautiful, most intense, and most accomplished work. It was also his last. Phèdre has everything to be happy, she is a queen, a mother, and she's beautiful. However, she is hiding from the world and wishes to die, because she is driven by a passion she knows is unacceptable and shameful. According to her, the clarity she has of the situation cannot help the fatality of the obsession. She loves her husband's son, and nothing can justify such inclinations. This brilliant interpretation reveals all the beauty of a piece that has marked the history of theater. As in previous years, all the profits will be donated to the association 'The Children of Madaifu', which has been supporting Chinese orphans since 1999.

BEIJING May 23rd 、26th 19:30 Star Theater

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