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Sino-Russian Culture Fair

The Sino-Russian Culture Fair is a regional cross-border exchange that has been held four times, since 2010. The event is based in China’s Heilongjiang province and Russia’s Amurskaya Oblast, focusing on the Heihe city and Blagoveshchensk city. The event concerns itself with cultural exchanges and commerce, greater cooperation, and development through high-level meetings, exhibits, fairs, theatrical performances, sports culture, and cultural tourism, with, of course, many trade discussions and deals. This Fair has become a new model of trade in border regions, by combining it with culture, and a regional mechanism as well for exchanges and cooperation.

Highlights: Sponsors of the Sino-Russian Culture Fair are China’s Ministry of Culture, Russia’s Ministry of Culture, the Heilongjiang provincial government, and the Amurskaya Oblast government. Events are held simultaneously in the city of Heihe, Heilongjiang province and the city of Blagoveshchensk, Amurskaya Oblast, with the active participation of people living along both sides of the border attracting attention far and wide and has become a large cultural trade and exchange project with its own charm and International influence. It has also become a major festival for the Russian and Chinese people and a source of greater friendship.


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