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CNTV launches Panda network

A new panda channel was officially launched at the Beijing Media Center on August 6. Officials from the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, the State Council Information Office, the State Internet Information Office, the State Forestry Bureau and other authorities attended the ceremony. Guests from foreign embassies across China, NGOs in the field of environment protection, as well as experts and scholars from the field of giant panda preservation also attended the launch ceremony.

Highlight: The channel centers on giant pandas, a rare species unique to China, in an attempt to show global Internet users, through multiple languages the lovable pandas and how they are protected.

A fully equipped on-site television control room allows the directors to watch and switch between different cameras. The directors select the 11 most interesting scenes and transfer them online via a video distribution network so viewers all over the world can enjoy the best quality live coverage whenever they desire.


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