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Foreign inspiration

How lucrative was the Rubber Duck for Beijing?

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck ended its Beijing stay on October 27. It raked in more than 200 million yuan during its one-month-plus visit to the nation’s capital.

The capital city’s Garden Expo Park and Summer Palace earned over 100 million yuan for displaying the 18-meter-tall giant yellow duck, according to the organizing committee of Beijing Design Week.

Tourists swarmed into the city from all over the country just to take a photo with the duck which also generated huge economic benefits for other sectors, including the sales of peripheral products, catering, accommodation and transport.

During its stay in China, every single detail of the duck was reported. It doesn’t happen very often in China that so many people are interested in one art piece.

Highlight: Chinese artists may take a lesson from this episode and ponder their relationship with the public, which will also bring in economic benefits.


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