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TV and film  -A Bite of China Festival

On April 22nd, CHINA-FOCUS ON CHINA, a culture promotion activity held by CCTV, began at CSU. Martin Yan, a Chinese American host, gave a series of performances, including paper-cuts made with a knife, cut meat on a balloon, and rubbed paste into jump rope. All of these were met with heavy applause.

In addition, a competition about marketing A Bite of China was also included at the festival. Competitors had to design a project to spread this documentary in California under the guidance of professions.

Marthinus, a junior college student, said,” I have watched this documentary many times, and I have collected a lot of materials about Chinese food. I also interviewed my relatives’ and friends’ on their views on Chinese food. Like what I mentioned in the project, it is a good idea to hold a exhibition, while advertise it in newspaper and magazine. At the same time, I have made a budget presentation. ”

This festival activity with CSU belongs to @CHINA-FOCUS ON CHINA. American students can apply for the marketing competition online, and they can also watch the documentary on a mobile phone, and make comments or share with others.

Highlight: It is a novelty to spread a documentary. Playing the documentary and holding a marketing competition for local people to spread it is a good idea. Also, people can apply for the competition and make comments.


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