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Cultural festivals

Wuzhen Theatre Festival

Wuzhen Theatre Festival The Wuzhen Theatre Festival, an international theater festival was held in the town of Wuzhen in East China's Zhejiang province, a UNESCO World Heritage Site candidate, from May 9-19, 2013.


At the first-ever large cultural event to take place in this small town, the Wuzhen Theatre Festival invited renowned American theatre scholar and director Robert Brustein to be its inaugural Honorary Chairman. Many people in China usually consider tourism and culture two separate and unrelated issues. However, Wuzhen's administrative authorities have demonstrated their efforts to enrich tours of the ancient town by offering visitors cultural interpretations and content.

Chen Jie, a member of the international theater festival's organizing committee, believes the festival is their first endeavor to convince visitors that their trip to Wuzhen means more than just sightseeing.




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