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A festival in local China, a stage for the world

Starting in 2009, the biennial Zhangjiajie International Country Music Festival aims at promoting international country music and cultural exchanges and improving the tourism competitiveness of Hunan province. The festival this year not only attracted 300 artists from 20 countries to perform 32 shows in five days, but invited top music critics to discuss serious topics including how to hold high quality music festivals.

Highlight: The festival is held in Zhangjiajie, one of the world’s natural heritage sites and the location where Hollywood film Avatar was made.

Taking the theme of "The world’s natural heritage, our country music", the opening ceremony this year presented an eclectic range of music, featuring nearly 200 artists from around the world, including dancers from India and the band Sound Factory from Germany. Spanish dancers were also on hand to inject some Latin flair to the event with Flamenco dancing. With Zhangjiajie’s natural scenery as the backdrop, the cost of an ostentatious scenery is saved, enabling the festival to be as eco-friendly and economical as possible.


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