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Happy Chinese New Year

"Happy Chinese New Year" is a series of large-scale cultural exchange activities held overseas yearly which started in 2010. The cultural exchange activity was jointly launched by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, relevant ministries, local cultural organizations and Chinese institutions abroad.

2013 "Happy Chinese New Year" kicked off on Jan. 31. During Spring Festival, a variety of activities were held in 251 cities in 99 countries and regions worldwide, so that people all over the world could experience the unique charm of Chinese New Year.


The activities in 2013 increased by 21% from last year in terms of number, totaling 385 projects. This year’s scale was unprecedented as it ranged from the United States, Western Europe and Africa, to western and northern Africa.

This year’s "Happy Chinese New Year" enjoyed a higher global participation than ever before.

This year the activities were richer, including temple fairs, square parades, theater performances, cultural exhibitions, folk performances, photo gallery exhibitions, tourism promotion, fashion shows, street celebrations, firework celebrations, new media network interaction and cultural celebrities interacting with local people.

To achieve sustainability of the “Happy Chinese New Year,” as a priority, many activities in Europe were designed with young people’s hobbies taken into consideration, thus catering to their needs.

Cooperating with business communities to promote the "Happy Chinese New Year" was one of the highlights.

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