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Explore Lunar New Year Paintings(2012-01-20)
The folk handcraft lunar new year painting, which is used for blessing and ringing in the Chinese lunar new year, is one of the most popular forms of artwork among Chinese families.
Spring Festival in the Eyes of Children(2012-01-19)
There are a series of paintings about the Chinese New Year, portraying traditional Chinese customs or atmosphere in the eyes of children.
Painting of Wealth, Honor and Longevity(2012-01-19)
The Painting of Wealth, Honor and Longevity was made by renowned Chinese calligrapher Zhao Zhiqian, a seal carver and painter in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
Painting of the “Five Auspicious Symbols”(2012-01-19)
Lu Guang, a noted painter in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), used ling-chih(a species of fungus), orchids, day lily, bamboo, and Chinese toon for his five auspicious symbols.
The Painting of Prosperity and Fertility(2012-01-19)
The painting of prosperity and fertility was done by prominent painter Wu Changshuo from Qing Dynasty.

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