Meet in Beijing Art Festival Commences

As April rolls around the corner with the promise of warmer days, spring also commences the 12th Meet in Beijing Art Festival, an annual event since 2000.

From April 28 to May 29, artists from all over the world will come together to present audiences a dazzling feast of art, music, and live performances.

The opening performance will be Swan Lake, presented by the Ballet Nacional De Cuba, the Grand Prix award-winning ballet troupe founded by world renowned Cuban ballet master Alicia Alonso. The troupe first performed at Meet in Beijing in 2002 with Don Quixote, leaving a deep impression on Beijing's ballet lovers. Coming back a decade later, this classic version ballet Swan Lake offers a twist, integrating Cuban characteristics and modern elements.

Musicians will stage a variety of performances. Popular Chinese mainland band Mayday is scheduled to perform. Hong Kong singer Paula Tsui is also on the line-up, the first time she will hold a concert on the Chinese mainland in her 42-year singing career. Luz Casal, hailing from Spain, will take the Poly Theater stage in May. Other performances will be staged by musicians from Scotland, Latvia, Poland, Japan and more.

The closing performance of this year's event is the drama Cai Wenji, starring one of China's most beloved actors, Pu Cunxin, and actress Yu Mingjia. Cai Wenji is one of the classical dramas produced by the Beijing People's Art Theater. It tells the story of Cai Wenji, a woman who lived during the ending days of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), was captured by the enemy during war and married off. Twelve years later, Cai found her way home. As the festival's purpose is promoting the arts, tickets to all the performances are affordable.

Source: Global Times

 Editor: Dong Lin

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