China to Fix Copyright Law Draft Amendment


The National Copyright Administration (NCA) will revise a draft amendment to China's copyright law that has stirred controversy since being circulated to seek public opinion.

Experts Urge Protection of Chinese Fonts


The need for better protection of Chinese character fonts in the Copyright Law was a hot topic at China's largest conference on intellectual property, which began on May 28 in Beijing.

Pirating Fine Doubles in Copyright Law Draft


The National Copyright Administration drafted a revised version of the copyright law in March and solicited opinions. In the draft, the penalty for piracy has been raised to up to 1 million yuan from the current up to 500,000 yuan, the report said.

EU Court Limits Copyright Protection for Software


Functions performed by computer programmes are not entitled to copyright protection, Europe's top court said on May 2, in a verdict that will allow developers greater freedom to produce competing and complementary software across a range of sectors.

China Vows to Amend Copyright Law


A Chinese copyright official has promised to conduct careful research into amending the country's copyright law, after a draft amendment stirred anger from domestic music authors.

Copyright Campaign Eyes Artwork Signature Fraud


China's National Copyright Administration (NCA) has vowed to cooperate with related departments to crack down on forged signatures of renowned artists on artworks, and to warn buyers against counterfeit items in the chaotic relics market.

E-commerce Trademark Cases Rising


Nearly 13,000 trademark disputes were received by courts across the country in the past year, an annual rise of 54 percent, statistics from the court showed.

Tudou, Youku Copyright Battle Intensifies


Two Chinese online video-sharing giants, Inc and Tudou Holdings, escalated their fight over copyright infringements yesterday, which reflects increasing importance of video copyrights for Chinese Internet companies.

Joint Effort by 28 Govt Groups on IP Strategy


A joint office of 28 Chinese government ministries and administrations has unveiled a plan to implement the nation's new intellectual property strategy this year.

Draft Copyright Law Enrages China's Music Industry


Chinese music writers are enraged over a draft amendment to the copyright law as they believe it would diminish their professional rights if passed.However, legal experts suggest the writers misunderstand the draft and are overreacting.

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