Increasing IPR Cases 'a result of awareness'

"The rise of IPR lawsuits means that the knowledge-based economy is developing fast in China and has an increasing demand for legislation. Solving these IPR disputes will provide space for the knowledge economy to develop in a healthy, orderly way," she said.

However, the rise means that judges are facing an increasing number of challenges.

"IPR cases are different from traditional civil cases. They can be highly technical, and require a thorough understanding of relevant laws and regulations," the document from the intellectual property tribunal said.

As China is vigorously promoting the development of culture, courts across the country will pay special attention this year to IPR cases in the sector, including industrial design, Web productions, folk literature and arts. The courts will also take into account the intangible cultural heritage to promote the healthy development of the sector, the document said.

Judicial reform urged

The top judge also vowed on Sunday to push reform to further realize judicial justice.

Some courts could do more to boost transparency of their affairs and promote the democratic judicial system, he said.

On top of this, some judges have not been as efficient in handling cases as they should have been, and there have been delays in proceedings and hearings, Wang said.

A small number of judges were even found guilty of taking bribes and perverting the course of justice, he added.

This year the Supreme People's Court will work to reform court procedures, speed up proceedings in civil cases involving small sums of money and improve the rules allowing citizens to observe trials, he said.

Wang urged greater efforts in allowing supervision by the general public, including soliciting public opinion, paying more attention to media reports and netizens and promptly responding to issues of social concern.

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