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Rabbit Stories  

Chinese cultural interpretation of rabbit
In 2Chinese New 011, the Year starts on Feb 3, which, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, is the first day of the first month. This year's Chinese New Year is the Year of the Rabbit. (2011-02-03)

The Rabbit Personality
People born in this year are kind, speak gently, peaceful, quiet and loving persons. (2011-01-24)

Rabbit Children
Even-tempered and obedient, he will be sensitive to the moods of his parents and act accordingly. (2011-01-24)

2011 - The Year of RABBIT
In Chinese mythology, the Rabbit is a symbol of endurance and their essence is said to have originated from the Moon. Rabbit Years come fourth in the cycle of the Chinese New Year, and recur every twelve years. (2011-01-24)

Idioms of Rabbits
There are a number of idioms that are related to rabbits. (2011-01-24)

Famous Rabbit People
People born in the year of rabbit are timid and attractive. Can you tell who are rabbit people? (2011-01-24)

In Your Element
The characteristics of the Rabbit are tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. (2011-01-24)

Rabbit as Lover
The Rabbit needs a partner who is affectionate and loving and who will pamper his mate a bit. (2011-01-24)

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