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Idioms of Rabbits

1. As soon as the hare rises the falcon swoops. 兔起鹘落

2. First catch your hare (then cook it). 不要谋之过早

3. Hare may pull dead lions by the beard. 死老虎人人敢打

4. If you run after two hares ,you will catch neither. 脚踏两只船,美梦会成空

5. A rabbit isn't to be harnessed. 兔子驾不了辕

6. The hounds are killed for food once all the hares are bagged.

   Trusted aids are eliminated when they have outlived their usefulness. 兔死狗烹

7. The fox mourns the death of the hare. 兔死狐悲

8. A wily hare has three burrows.

A crafly person has more than one hideout. 狡兔三窟

9. A hare doesn't eat the grass near its own hole.

A villain doesn't harm his next door neighbours.

A rabbit doesn't foul its own hole. 兔子不吃窝边草

10. The tail of a rabbit can't be long.

Their days are numbered. 兔子的尾巴长不了

Editor: Xu Xinlei

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