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Beijing student troupe impresses Milanese

A Chinese student troupe impressed Milanese Friday with a traditional culture show which highlighted the spirit of the Spring Festival.

As part of the ongoing Chinese Culture Year in Italy, the troupe, made up of some 20 students from Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), staged a variety of traditional music and dance performances, martial arts and calligraphy, interacting with the public in Italian language.

"Marco Polo and Matteo Ricci are well-known for bridging the two countries through cultural and scientific exchanges. Centuries have passed since they went to China, and I feel moved today to see so many students from the two countries all together," BFSU President Chen Yulu told the audience before the show.

The show blended the two cultures as a public welcomed "Nessun Dorma" aria - often sung by Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti - played with the Chinese classical instruments.

Middle and high school students from Milan and other cities in Lombardy region clapped enthusiastically as Peking Opera artist Sun Ping performed.

Hu Lingmou, an 18-year-old Chinese studying in Milan, told Xinhua that the show was not only a precious occasion for Italian students to know the Chinese culture, but also a very good way for all the Chinese students living in Italy to stay close with their own culture.

The Chinese Culture Year in Italy activities are being held at a time when the Chinese language becomes more and more popular in the country. About 1,500 local students in northern Italy are learning Chinese, according to Gisella Lange, an official responsible for language policies of Lombardy Regional Department for Education.

"Through studying Mandarin, I am becoming more and more curious to deeply explore the Chinese culture. I am planning to visit Shanghai, as I find it extremely modern and traditional at the same time," said Eva Tigli, an Italian student studying Chinese language here.

Source: Xinhua

Editor: Xu Xinlei

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