Start of Summer: A perfect time to go to a wetland park  

Sanlihe Wetland Park


Sanlihe Wetland Park, located in Yanqing county, is the first ecological wetland park in Beijing. The park preserves original woodlands and plants to the greatest extent; covering 11,000 square meters, it has planted 27, 000 shrubs, 2,000 bamboo plants and various kinds of flowers.

The landscapes in the park are picturesque. Four wooden bridges and a thatch hut are perfect places for tourists to have a rest. There is also a spring in the park. This lucid spring flows all year long; the aquatic plants beneath the spring are green. Birds twittering and the fragrance of flowers in its elegant environment, verdant trees and green pool make Sanlihe Wetland Park an ideal place for spending a holiday and to take in cultural entertainment.

Widgeon Lake Wetland Nature Protected Area


Yanqing Widgeon Lake Wetland Nature Protected Area is located in the northwestern part of Beijing. The park is filled with large amounts of water birds and luxuriant water grass. There are 241 species of birds perching in the wetland; among the birds, five species are under first-grade state protection. The wetland is an ideal place for migratory birds in the winter. From October until April of the following year, thousands of grey cranes spend the winter here. There are also orioles and other birds enjoying the park.

With beautiful landscapes, abundant plants, colorful on-water amusement activities, Widgeon Lake Wetland Nature Protected Area is the first choice for vacations. In addition, the bright and spacious labs and conference rooms make it a perfect place for seminars and symposiums.

Beijing Daoxianghu Lake


Daoxianghu Lake is located in Sujiatuo area in Handian district. It is the first field park with rural natural landscapes which was built by farmers.

The park is made up of a natural lake and a large field of rice. It has hills on three sides. The lake contains several different kinds of fishes. Tourists can take a boat and travel in the lake. The luxuriant reeds on the both sides are green; the birds sing beautifully. The view is really wonderful.

In recent years, the park has set up many recreational facilities. Near the lake, there are horse courts, a shooting range and holiday cottages. Tourists can have fun while enjoying the beauty of nature.


Translated by Jiang Yilingzi

Editor: Clark Cahill

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