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UNESCO official calls for uniform mechanism on ICH protection(2011-06-01)

Brasilia celebrates World Tai Chi Day(2011-05-05)

The World Tai Chi and Qigong Day was celebrated for the ninth time on Saturday in Brasilia, an event attended by about a hundred people, who practiced the 24 moves, the 19 form, the Tai Chi sword and the Tai Chi fan.

Parts of ancient vessels discovered in Sri Lanka(2011-04-22)

Sri Lanka's National Archaeological Department has discovered the parts of 20 ancient vessels in the south of the country, an archaeologist said Thursday.

Japanese cartoonist returns fossil jawbone(2011-04-15)

Probactrosaurus gobiensis, an early herbivorous dinosaur that lived in China about 97.5 to 91 million years ago, got back a fossil of its lower jawbone on Thursday after having lost it nearly 50 years ago.

S. Korea welcomes return of royal books(2011-04-14)

South Korea on Thursday welcomed the expected return of Korean royal documents looted during the French invasion more than a century ago, saying it would help further enhance ties between Seoul and Paris.

20 new archeological discoveries in northeast Syria(2011-04-06)

A total of 20 archeological discoveries, the oldest of which dates back to 3800 B.C., have been unearthed in northeast Syria, state-run SANA news agency reported Tuesday.


Exclusive interview: legal protection of Chinese intangible cultural heritage(I)

Slow down the rush of UNESCO World Heritage applications

There has been a recent surge in the number of applications for various attractions seeking recognition as a world heritage site.While,hold on.

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