Health Care
· Three steps to expel toxins from your body (2011-03-06)
People always have problems like recurring flu and cough, bad breath and constipation in the spring—or at least I do. Sometimes, they are worried about acne and spots on the face.
· Pay attention to your body after the Awakening of Insects (2011-03-06)
After the Awakening of Insects, the weather turns warm and the flower blooms. However, it is also the time for virus and bacteria to be active.
· Cuisine fit for Awakening of Insects (2011-03-06)
Duck blood and spinach soup After the Awakening of Insects, people should eat more food that contains plenty of vegetable proteins and vitamins, and less food with animal fat.
· Sleeping well in the spring (2011-03-06)
When the spring comes, as the temperature rises, people’s skin turns flabby, the pores are enlarged and the quantity of blood in the peripheral vessels of the skin increases.
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Sleeping well in the spring

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