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· Proverbs about the Awakening of Insects (2011-03-11)
During the Awakening of Insects solar term, the first spring thunder thunderstorms crash, waking the hibernating animals and ushering in the spring. There are lots of proverbs about the Awakening of Insects in China.
· Observe A Farmer’s Life (2011-03-11)
Spring rain makes all the flowers fresh; spring thunder wakes up all hibernating animals. Since the day of the Awakening of Insects, the weather gets warm and the spring plowing begins.
· Mr. Zhu writes poetry to raise the generous birds (2011-03-11)
The roar of the spring thunder comes on the day of the Awakening of Insects, giving baby swallows quite a scare! These baby sparrows’ parents are flying out.
· Butterfly in love with Flower (2011-03-11)
With the advent of spring, I’m in the mood for poem writing. I read and appreciated a poem called “Butterfly in love with Flower (Go Out in Spring)”.
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