Butterfly in love with Flower  


With the advent of spring, I’m in the mood for poem writing. I read and appreciated a poem called “Butterfly in love with Flower (Go Out in Spring)”. It happened to be the Awakening of Insects, and I wanted to write a lyrical poem to express my feelings. By Spring Water

Butterfly in Love with Flower

During the Awakening of Insects in March, farmers begin to cultivate their land. Baby swallows fly side by side, disporting themselves happily in the sky The borders of the green grass stretch out far beyond my line of sight Different kinds of flowers in the valley are blooming in majestic splendor, giving off a delicate fragrance Thatched cottages hide in the depths of the forest; smoke is spiraling up from the kitchen chimney. The welcoming pine waves in the wind, greeting the blue birds flying back. The east winds clean up the gravel path. It has been a long time since I came home; I miss my hometown very much

Source: photo.blog.sina.com

Translated by Jiang Yilingzi

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