The Awakening of the Insects: A good time for fishing  

钓鱼大图 点击还原

Usually, around the Awakening of Insects, many areas in China get warm and the first spring thunderstorms occur. There is increasingly abundant rain, making it a good time for spring plowing. Hibernating animals finish their dormancy and move out, so do fish. They swim from deep water to the shallow water for food, courting and bearing young. It is a fabulous time for fishing.

Through fishing, people can cultivate their minds. Fishing in the spring, bathing in the sunlight, enjoying the singing birds, fragrant flowers and waving willows make people relaxed and happy. With the help of fishing, people can mould their temperaments, build a modest character and get over their impetuous and frivolous manner.

Fishing can provide mental and physical relaxation. Modern people are easily upset because they work in a fast-paced environment. When finishing their work, people can get away form the noisy city, come to the quiet, open fields, and fish with bated breath. Amid the fresh air and beautiful secrets, people feel comfortable.

Moreover, fishing can eliminate distracting thoughts and ease one’s nerves. Fishing requires a high level of coordination between one’s brain, hands, and eyes, which can help people abandon all other thoughts. It plays a positive role in improving one’s visual sensitivity and quickness of brain reflexes.


Translated by Jiang Yilingzi


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