The First China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair

The First International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) was held in Shenzhen from Nov. 18 to 22, 2004. The number of exhibition booths reached 1,583, of which 270 were occupied by overseas exhibitors, accounting for 17 percent of the total. The fair events were categorized into four sections such as exhibitions, transactions, forums and activities.

The exhibitions covered digital radios and TV, international animated cartoons and cartoon games, selected Chinese calligraphy and paintings, China’s world cultural heritage and historical cities, Chinese treasures and art works by contemporary masters, selected international press works and printing technology, selected international books and periodicals and mainstream media images.

The transactions included cultural industry business matching service, auctions of TV and film plays, calligraphy and painting collections and antiques, sales of international fine art works, special tools and materials for calligraphy and painting, selected international books and house decorations. Some contract signing ceremonies involving Shenzhen’s radio, film and TV group, press enterprises and Dafen Village were also covered.

Forums focused on cultural development strategy and global cultural industry development, as well as a Chinese media summit and a lecture featuring Ding Shaoguang, an outstanding artist in modern fine art.

The activities included a Chinese press cartoon expo, a TV host competition, a final contest for the world college student ambassador of peace, an international children's art festival, performances of international artists, a British film week, a one-man exhibition by Ding Shaoguang, a parade, an on-the-spot painting manifestion by 1,000 painters and a software design competition by college students. The first State-level cultural industry seminar sponsored by the Ministry of Culture was also held during the fair.

Editor: Shi Liwei