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ChinaJoy experts advise on gaming IPR


Du Bin, chief executive of Beijing-based YOKA Games, publishes an add-on package to its board game, Sanguosha at this year’s China Digital Entertainment Expo and conference (ChinaJoy), hoping to further differentiate itself from Sanguozhan.

Have fun, be careful!


An exciting prospect still beckons. By the year 2014, the number of gamers in China is expected to jump to 123 million and the sale of games may fetch up to 50.8 billion yuan, increasing at a 10. 4% compound annual rate. The sales of mobile games will reach 4.81 billion yuan, making it another strategic growth area.

Breaking bottlenecks: way out for Chinese animation development


Chinese animation producers need to increase original script, improve production quality and industrial chain to seek stronger development of the country's animation industry, industry insiders have said.

Monitoring plan raises doubts


Observers have raised doubts about the complexity and effectiveness of a guardian project enabling parents to monitor their children's playing of online games.

Shanda's performance mirrors game industry's woes


More and more users want higher quality and diversified games, however, few domestic developers want to dedicate time and huge amounts of capital to satisfy them, since they are used to fast money.

China mobile phone anime – still a long way to go


The popularity of a manga work, Cunrenhuaqu, published on mobile phone networks has aroused intense discussion regarding the Chinese mobile phone animation industry.

Have you any wool?


On the Chinese mainland, it has taken until relatively recently for a few sheep and a big gray wolf to come into their own as characters that Chinese children can totally identify with.

A dream come true


The Dreams of Jinsha, a Chinese animated film, is in the running for an Oscar, after being accepted by the Academy Awards as a contender

How the Internet is affecting marketing


Simply by registering on a beauty forum, Zhao Minrui received some of L'Oréal 's latest sunscreen lotion.

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