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'Red' games hit the mark


The Glorious Mission, a first-person shooter war simulation game made for and by the PLA, made headlines earlier in 2011 as the first video game training simulation for China's armed forces.

Despite many uncertainties, Chinese comic and animation continues to grow


The city of Tianjin recently saw several Chinese comic and animation professionals gather in its city for the top Chinese comic and animation awards on Dec 27, an official project to celebrate their remarkable feats created over the past five years.

China Ice and Snow Animation Fair to open on Jan 8


The fair aims to enrich daytime scenic spots in the park by holding exhibitions and performances, as people used to visit the park in the evening to watch ice lanterns.

Angry Birds gaining happy fans in China


After visiting his daughter in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, he was immediately hooked on the game even though he doesn't know the name and calls it "birds fighting pigs".

Sweet outlook


He isn't cloaked in black, wearing a mask, or hiding in a dark corner waiting to attack his enemy. This 21st century ninja uses technology to attack his target, which is fruit.He simply uses his fingers to slice at pineapples, bananas and other colorful fruits on the screen of his mobile phone.

Video game arcades race ahead


Watching a repeat on an extra-large screen, it was certainly a brilliant spectacle except it wasn't for real. It all took place in a virtual world created by computer software.

'The Smurfs' theme park planned in SW China


Papa Smurf and his merry band of blue-skinned friends will have a new home in China, with the construction of a "Smurf"-themed park scheduled to take place in the city of Chengdu, the capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, over the next three to five years.

Rights to use 'Lianliankan' trademark priced at one yuan


During the conference, the company announced that all companies using the trademark "Lianliankan" in the current online game market only need to pay one yuan for brand authorization.

Mobile telephone games prove to be competitive and cheaper


While China's online gaming market has seen its growth rate slow down in the past two years, a number of game forms have been gaining enormous popularity.Web games, social games and mobile games have been attracting an increasing number of users compared with the majority of online games - the ones that run on servers devoted to game clients.

Wizard 101 game to enter China in TaoMee deal


KingsIsle, the US maker of the popular online game "Wizard 101", is coming to China through a partnership with TaoMee Holdings, a publicly traded Chinese company that runs websites for children, Reuters reported.Competition in China has become fierce, with rivals such as Tencent and NetEase.com taking big slices of the online games market.

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