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China mobile phone anime – still a long way to go

The popularity of a manga work, Cunrenhuaqu, published on mobile phone networks has aroused intense discussion regarding the Chinese mobile phone animation industry.

Experts believe that the mobile phone will be the next platform for reading and transmitting cartoons and animations in the future. Combining manga works with new media such as that of cell phones, mobile phone anime is increasingly viewed as more interactive and convenient than the traditional anime industry. Users can enjoy a piece of manga or animation whenever they want, and in any desired location.

Currently there are nearly 740 million mobile phone users, but it is still too early to be overly optimistic about the new industry.

The first challenge this industry faces is a dearth of content and talent. Li Jie, dean of the mobile phone games department for the Chinese Game Software Industry Association, said that the production chain of the industry is imperfect due to reasons such as lack of content.

Furthermore, users are required to pay for the mobile phone cartoon works that they select. The potential users are divided into Otaku (a term for obsessive manga enthusiasts), fans, amateurs, and beginners. The more they are addicted to mangas and animations, the more they will be likely to pay subscription fees. However, current mobile phone technology also restricts the development and spread of mobile phone mangas. "I will not subscribe for a mobile phone manga, as it is tiring to read mangas over the cell phone," one anime-fan told the Global Times.

Source: Global Times

Editor: Xu Xinlei

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