Enjoying the Red Leaves at Shicheng Village of Jiangxi  

In Minor Snow, the northern areas become bitterly cold. But in the south, it is the late autumn, the best time for enjoying red leaves. It’s a good time to go to one of the most beautiful villages in China, Shicheng, to appreciate the amazing autumnal scene.

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The best time for enjoying the red maple leaves is middle and late November. There are more than a hundred maple trees standing in the courtyards with red walls and black roofs.

Every November the maple leaves in the wild or in the courtyards turn fiery red, and shine in Shicheng in Jiangxi province. Transportation is not convenient so there are not too many visitors there. That’s exactly it keep its beauty.

Shicheng village is in Gutan county in the west of Wuyuan. There are stone walls at the end of the village, which makes the village a stone town. Inside and outside of the stone walls, there are many old trees standing. What impresses the visitors most is the hundreds of maple trees. Each of them is more than 35 meter high and much taller than the houses. Compared with those huge and perfectly straight trees, the house with black roof and white walls are just like toys. Photography enthusiasts are crazy about those maple trees. When the leaves turn red, there are enthusiasts taking photos from early morning to dusk. In the twilight mist or the smoke from kitchen chimneys, those fire-red maples are so beautiful that people must wonder if there are similar trees in heaven.

Source: becod.com

Translated by Zhang Min

Editor: Wen Yi

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