2010 Art China Oil Painting Works Exhibition  
(Source: collection.sina.com.cn)

 Duration: Nov 17 to Nov 25, 2010

Opening Reception: 15:00 on Nov 17, 2010

Venue: Huantie Times Art Gallery, Beijng

Curator: Sun Xiaojuan, Li Ying

Assistant curator: Xu Maoquan

Artists Present: Dai Shihe, Zhang Yuan, Ding Yilin, Li Yanzhou, Ma Gang, Ma Lu, Xu Xiaoyan, Qi Mengguang, Ma Lin, Sun Xun, Wang Keju, Yan Ping, Dai Daquan, Zhou Chunya, Pang Maokun, Zhang Xiaogang, Su Xinping, Lei Bo and Li Tianyuan.

Based on the success of the Art China: National Painting Work Exhibition, in China (Beijing) International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo in 2007, 2008, and 2009, the Organizing Committee will continue to hold the “2010 Art China” Oil Painting Works Exhibition with the Central Academy Of Fine Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Tsinghua University, to further promote the development of Chinese art and cultural industry, offer high level exhibition platform for outstanding artists and provide a broad space for the artists’ development.

With the support of the “international, professional” idea of the cultural expo, 2010 Art China takes a broad view of the whole environment of contemporary art to find the value of art. It aims to present the features of Chinese contemporary art from an academic point of view.

As a branch venue of the cultural expo, the 2010 Art China oil painting works exhibition is held at the same time as the expo. The exhibition will work with a number of masters and cutting-edge artist to exhibit outstanding contemporary art work and show the development of Chinese contemporary art. Through the exhibition, the organizers want to find opportunities for the further development of contemporary art.

Source: collection.sina.com.cn

Translated by Zhang Min

Editor: Wen Yi

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