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Fruits and Snacks

For the next few days of the Lunar New Year, a steady stream of friends and relatives visits the home, and a number of sumptuous meals are prepared. Before guests sample the main dishes, however, a variety of snacks in the form of fruits, nuts and seeds are first offered. Almonds, hazelnuts, pomeloes, pomegranate, apples, melon seeds, candied tangerines, peaches and apricots - the Chinese like to serve food with seeds as they represent children and convey wishes for fertility.

Some of the more popular candied delicacies are presented in an eight-sided tray called "The Tray of Togetherness". Each of the items displayed invokes good fortune, For example, kumquats symbolize prosperity because the first Chinese written character for "kumquats means "gold", while coconuts will promote togetherness. The Chinese word for lotus seeds sounds like the words for "many children", and the word for "lotus beans" suggest a full wallet. Sometimes a sweet soup like red bean soup with lotus seed is served. All of these snacks are economical, distinctive and special, making tasty contribution to the feasts of the New Year.

Editor: Feng Hui


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