Dance Drama: Silk Road, Flower Rain

With the world-renowned Dunhuang frescos and the Silk Road as its material, peace and friendship as its theme, Silk Road, Flower Rain successfully dramatizes the magnificent Dunhuang frescos in a unique artistic style, narrating a story of friendship and love among the fresco master painter Zhang, his daughter Yingniang and a Persian merchant. It represents the richness of Dunhuang culture, extols the shining image of working people who created the Dunhuang culture, and narrates a moving story of the long-lasting friendship between Chinese people and people of other nations.

The national dance drama Silk Road, Flower Rain was created by Gansu Song and Dance Theater in 2008. In 2009, a new version dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the National Day won the title as the "Best Drama" and 1st places in other 26 awards, as well as the reputation of "the model of Chinese national dance". It has exerted a profound influence in the history of Chinese dance drama with its unparalleled value as a cultural brand.

Art Director: Lu Jinlong

Playwright-director: Shen Chen, Xu Chenghua

Arrangement-orchestration: Du Ming

Starring: Li Qian, Wang Zihan etc.

Presented by Song and Dance Theatre of Gansu Province

Date: 2010-09-28 / 2010-09-29


Editor: Zhang Min


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