Yue Opera The Love of the Zhuangyuan  

Yang Xueyun, the new Zhuangyuan, got married with the minister's daughter, Tang Meifen. He had to go to his appointed post, the governor of Jiangnan before he finished his wedding. But the minister was framed for hiding his daughter from being selected by the emperor and then was forced to resign. Tang Meifen had been sent to the royal palace to be maid. Besides, the princess had a crush on Yang Xueyun, the emperor wanted him to be his daughter's husband. Yang Xueyun used to be a homeless boy. Thanks to the minister, he was saved and been nurtured to be a talent. And he fell in love with Tang Meifen. The emperor's command cannot be violated, the love cannot be given up, what should Yang Xueyun do to make a choice?

The Love of the Zhuangyuan is the first work of Shanghai Xiaoya Culture & Art Co. Ltd. In 2004, Ya Xiao won the 21st Plum Award of Chinese Play through this work.

Producer: Xiao Ya, screenwriter: Li Huikang, director: Shi Yukun, composer: He Xiaozhong, Liang Guoxiang, leading roles: Xiao Ya, Chen Xin, Wei Limin

Presented by Shanghai Xiaoya Culture & Art Co. Ltd

Date: 2010-10-23

Source: www.artsbird.com

Editor: Zhang Min

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"Daily Performances" (Yu Garden)

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Concert by Boni Pueri Boys Choir, Czech

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