Yue Opera The Lady from the Sea by Hangzhou Yue Opera Troupe  

Norwegian playwright Ibsen is generally acknowledged as the founder of modern prose drama., whose dramas not only make a great difference in promoting the Women's Liberation Movement, but also a spirit power to the May 4th Movement of China.

Just as Hedda Gabler, Yue Opera The Lady from the Sea is another work adapted from Ibsen¡¯s masterpiece of the same name, which shows how valuable freedom is and the relationship of the freedom to choose and responsibility. The performance characterizes on the description of Chinese opera. Flowing background, costumes, dancing and singing are adopted to embroider the spirit of sea represented by Ellida and the sailor and comparatively dignified features are used to portray the mainstream traditional culture represented by Doctor Wangel, which come to one at last.

It is sponsored by the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and jointly composed by Theater Ibsen and Hanghzou Yue Opera Troupe.

Adapt: Sun Huizhu, Fei Chunfang

Date: 2010-10-14 / 2010-10-15

Source: www.artsbird.com

Editor: Zhang Min


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