Main Points about Fishing in Grain in Ear  


As the water temperature increases during Grain in Ear, the best time for the growth of fish, shrimp, crab and shellfish comes in China. It is also a peak time for the reproduction of many pathogenic species. So it is necessary to take measures to avoid various diseases.

Two things should be paid attention to while breeding aquatic products: First of all, feed with compound feed. Compound feed is clean and contains rational formula and various nutrients, and, because it is compound feed, the amount fed every time can be controlled.

Second, measure the feed. Establish 4 to 6 feeding stages at each pond. After throwing feed into the pond, observe the eating conditions of aquatic products and make them have more meals a day but less feed at each. For ponds breeding crabs and shrimp, throw 40% of the total feed of the day during the daytime, 60% at night.

Preventions against diseases:

First, disinfect the substrate and water in every pond regularly. Put quick lime (20 kg/mu) in ponds (one meter deep water) every half-month. Then put in 10 kg of chlorinated lime after three days. 7 or 8 days later, put 200g to 300g of germ frozen-dried powder in the water. Quick lime is used to increase PH value and improve the substrate. Then use disinfectant to kill all the germs and viruses. After the effects of the disinfectant wear off, put beneficial bacteria in the water and make it have an absolute advantage. In this way, there will be no room for the existence of pathogenic bacteria.

Second, spray some disinfectant on the feed, or feed aquatic products with drugged bait made with some medicine once a week. Add some Vitamin C, Vitamin E and immune polysaccharides to feed. Once diseases in any ponds are found, stop pouring in water and strengthen the disinfectant to prevent further infection.


Translated by Chen Yanqiu

Editor: Wen Yi

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