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Peking Opera artists celebrate National Day

Some of the most renowned Peking Opera artists, young and old, have presented their special gifts to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. It's among various performances tailored for the occasion staged around the capital city.

It's not often to see such a great number of Peking Opera stars in one show. And it's not often to see such a great variety of Peking Opera. Twenty famous Peking Opera artists staged excerpts from their most well known repertoires for the celebration. Veterans and young talents are interpreting the national elite in their own signature ways, traditionally or creatively. All carry the mission to inherit and develop the symbol of China's traditional culture. For the younger generation, it's not an easy mission to accomplish.

Tan Zhengyan, Peking Opera Artist said "As an inheritor of the Tan style, I realized my mission since I was a kid. My teachers, friends or even strangers are always treating me as the future of Tan style. It's a lot of pressure and a great source of pride as well. I didn't fall in love with Peking Opera until ten years later after I began to learn it. Then, I became fascinated by it. "

Also fascinated with Peking Opera are the die hard fans of the centuries-old art form. Every year, about one hundred traditional operas are staged in Meilanfang Grand Theater since it was opened to the public three years ago. The National Day holiday is one of the hottest seasons of the year.

Yu Sheng, General Manager of Meilanfang Grand Theatre said "The most popular season is the lunar new year or the Spring Festival. Then, it's the National Day holiday when audiences will be treated with a rich programs. Traditional opera artists of different styles will present classic work and debut their new work with new stars as well."

As the tradition goes, a dozen traditional operas as well as the latest productions will be staged during this year's National Day Holiday at Meilanfang Grand Theater.

Editor: Feng Hui

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