An Introduction to Yangshuo 【2010-07-21】

Yangshuo is a very scenic, small county and city surrounded by many karst mountains and beautiful scenery near Guilin, Guangxi. It is very popular among tourists.


Yangshuo: a place prettier than Guilin 【2010-07-23】

As the old saying goes, "Guilin's scenery is the most beautiful in the world, Yangshuo's scenery is far more superior to that ofGuilin's".


Xanadu 【2010-07-23】

Xanadu provides the opportunity to escape city life.


Yulong River 【2010-07-23】

A river that flows from the waters of Li River, Yulong river flows through the beautiful limestone landscapes near Yangshuo.


The West Street 【2010-07-23】

West Street (Xi Jie), in the heart of Yangshuo, is filled with cafes and restaurants offering all types of Chinese and Western food.


The Moon Hill 【2010-07-23】

Moon Hill is a well-known attraction located eight kilometers (five miles) south of the town of Yangshuo.

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