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Modern Shanghai
Shanghai today

Its inclusive, cosmopolitan ambience, its air of intrigue and cultural flowering, the juxtaposition of grand colonial architecture and the shadow of poverty and displacement looming in modest shikumen houses are apparently an enduring and unbeatable combination.

The Bund

Of all the sights evocative of the splendor and decadence of old Shanghai, none is singularly more impressive than the Bund.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower was completed on Oct. 1, 1994. It is 468 m high, being the highest in Asia and the third highest in the world, only next the TV towers in Toronto in Canada and Moscow in Russia.

Shanghai Metro System

Shanghai has an extensive public transportation system, largely based on buses, and a rapidly expanding metro system.

Shanghai Jinmao Tower

As the tallest building in China and the third tallest building in the world, JinMaoTower is located in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Pudong.

Shanghai Xintiandi

Xintiandi (literally means "new earth and sky") is an urban tourist attraction imbued with the city's historical and cultural legacies.

Shanghai Fuzhou Road Culture Street

After, having experienced a hundred years of changes and development, Fuzhou Road has formed a street with its unique Individuality.

Taikang Road Arts and Crafts Street

"The Gate to the Art", an arch-styled sculpture of stainless steel tinged with artistic imagination now erects at the corner of Taikang Road.

DuoLun Road -- Cultural Celebrity Street

On either side of the street there are several scores of buildings with different architectural style and a score of historical buildings.

Top 10 places not to miss

In just a little more than a decade, Shanghai has transformed itself into the model for 21st century China. Western tourists find a place like no other in China that offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere alongside a rich Chinese culture.

Editors' Picks

The Shanghai Expo is added testimony to the close partnership between China and the UK.

· "Roadmap" to tackle climate change
· Day 113: visitor number hits new high
· Low-carbon card holders can skip lines

The World Expo is a large-scale, global, non-commercial Expo. The hosting of the World Expo must be applied for by a country and approved by the international World Expo committee.

The name of the mascot of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is Hai Bao, which means the treasure of the sea.

The emblem, depicting the image of three people-you, me, him/her holding hands together, symbolizes the big family of mankind.

The theme of Expo 2010 is "Better City, Better Life," representing the common wish of the whole humankind for a better living in future urban environments.


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