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Fried Stuffed Bun

Fried Stuffed Bun with nearly 100 years' history is a typical indigenous snack of Shanghai. The wraps of the buns are made of semi-fermented paste, and the stuffing is made of pork, shallot, ginger, soy, pepper, and sesame oil. The stuffed buns are put in rows in a big pan and fried, being sprayed with water several times during cooking. Finally, sesame and shallot are sprinkled on the buns, and then the wonderful Fried Stuffed Buns are prepared!

With a thin and soft wrap, a golden-colored and crispy bottom, and delicious meat, this snack tastes best when served hot.

Fried Stuffed Buns were first served in many teahouses in old Shanghai. Special fried stuffed bun restaurants began to appear in 1930s. At present, there are hundreds of such restaurants. The stuffing is varied to include chicken, crab and shrimp.

Recommended places to try this snack: Xiaoyang Shengjian Restaurant (Yang's Fry Dumpling): No. 54 and No. 60, Wujiang Road, Jing'an District Fengyu Shengjian Eatery: No. 48, Guangling 2nd Road, Hongkou District Youlian Shengjian Restaurant: No. 45, Xinzha Road, Putuo District Feilong Shengjian Restaurant: 1F, Dongtai Plaza, No. 2002, North Sichuan Road, Hongkou District Dahuchun Eatery: No. 4-6, Lane136, Pudong Avenue, Pudong New Area

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Editor: Feng Hui


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