San jiu tian (coldest days of winter) Moxibustion  

As the Winter Solstice approaches, now is the best time for moxibustion. The San jiu tian, Moxibustion refers to moxibustion in the three coldest days of the year. With some pungent Chinese medicine stuck to the corresponding acupuncture points, moxibustion can stimulate the qi inside the body and prevent bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, colds, stomachaches and other maladies. According to the hospitals, the best days for San jiu tian Moxibustion this winter are December 22, 2010, Dec. 31, Jan. 9, 2011, and Jan. 18.

According Dr. Yang Nan of the Department of Neurology at Zhongshan Hospital, the number of people coming to undergo moxibustion has been growing every year. Moxibustion is helpful for warming the yang and nourishing the qi, tonifying the spleen, kidney and the lung, expelling winds and clearing away the cold to reduce the pain of diseases, prevent the onset of disease and create the best physical conditions to make it through the winter.

Moxibustion treatment is suitable for patients of the following 5 categories:

1. cough and asthma diseases: allergic rhinitis, asthma, bronchitis 2. painful diseases: cervical spondylosis, pain in waist and lower extremities, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, myofascitis 3. gastrointestinal diseases: chronic gastroenteritis, diarrhea, dyspepsia 4. gynecological diseases: irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, annexitis 5. people with sub-health: easy to catch colds, sleep disorder, easy to be fatigue, poor mental state

People who want to undergo this treatment can tell their doctor their problems, and the doctor will apply the medicine to different acupuncture points according to the symptoms.


Translated by Zhang Min

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