The Second Bird’s Nest Ice and Snow Season  

The Second Bird’s Nest Ice and Snow Season will be held at the National Stadium on December 15. The projects will focus on “being available to see, to play and to participate.” Considering the location of the home field and warm-up field at the Bird’s Nest, and the filming, the activities are set as follows:

Major activities at the home field:


1. The cartoon snow castle

The snow castle takes up about 550 square meters. As the landmark architecture of the ice and snow recreation in the home field, it not only brings enjoyment to the tourists but also plays the role of sliding board and stage, promoting interactions between the castle and tourists. It also could be a platform for press releases and new product releases for corporations.

2. Ice dance performance

On the 1,456-square-meter skating rink, there will be free ice dancing performances for the tourists. National athletes will be invited to perform figure skating during the important holidays.

3. Skating

Skating is a sport to practice one’s strength, endurance, speed, coordination, flexibility, etc. It also can enhance people's heart and lung functions, and improve their aerobic exercise capacity. During the ice and snow season, tourists can rent skates, protective gear and other equipment and have fun. They also have the opportunity to compete with an Olympic champion.

4. Bumper cars on ice

Bumper cars are popular among children and young people. Tourists can drive the bumper cars themselves on the vast ice and enjoy the fun when they collide together.

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