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NCPA to cancel shows, activities in April

2020-03-30 09:30

The National Center for the Performing Arts will cancel all performances and related activities in April due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), according to an announcement recently released on its official website.

'Contagion' stars including Matt Damon, Kate Winslet film PSAs to offer COVID-19 advice

2020-03-30 09:30

The stars of the viral pandemic movie Contagion have reunited to film a series of public service announcements (PSA) on Friday to warn about COVID-19, urging fans to follow experts' instructions.

Online evening gala held to pay tribute to Chinese fineries

2020-03-30 09:10

An evening gala was presented online on Thursday night to celebrate the third Chinese National Costume Day, China Youth Daily reported Friday.

A question of table manners

2020-03-28 10:04

When compilers of those annual lists of new words and expressions come out with their latest effort at the end of this year, can there be any doubt that among them will be the term social distancing?

Cymbal of unity

2020-03-28 09:49

As he taking off his headphones, Oscar-winning Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto smiles to the camera and signs off with the words, Dajia Jiayou (everyone, stay strong), while bidding farewell to his audience.

Ding-ding dreams

2020-03-28 09:08

Since 1904, the suavely double-decker carriages of Hong Kong's trams have been traveling east to west (and vice versa) in about an hour and a half. They run the length of Hong Kong Island, making their way along a total route of 13 kilometers. Owned by the French joint venture RATP Dev Transdev Asia

Comic shows humor is best medicine

2020-03-27 08:38

Some foreigners, such as tourists, workers and students, shared one common trait; they chose to stay in Wuhan, Hubei province, when the novel coronavirus outbreak occurred. They all have different reasons, but again share another thing in common; they are looking forward to the end of the city's loc

How to outrun a pandemic: Don't go on vacation

2020-03-27 08:39

This is my coronavirus horror story-at least the beginning and middle chapters. The ending hasn't been written yet.

Eateries take special measures against virus as they reopen

2020-03-27 08:18

With the novel coronavirus outbreak coming under control in Shanghai, more and more restaurants have been reopening to the public, albeit with some changes.

Businesses rally to shower medical workers with rewards

2020-03-27 08:19

Various businesses have been providing free meals, discounts and customized services to honor returning Shanghai medical workers, who helped with the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in Hubei province.

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