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Interactive exhibit illuminates the night

2013-05-10 11:10:18

( By Bi Nan


A child touches one of the mannequins at the exhibit. (

"The Rising Men," an interactive art installation, is on display in Beijing and will run through May 12. It has been carefully adapted for Chinese audiences as part of the ongoing Croisements Festival.

The figures which make up the installation are actually phosphorescent mannequins, who become more animated with colors and sound, while people walk by or stop to make contact with them.

The mannequins entice those walking by and invite them into a dialogue. They then tell their stories in Chinese, talking about the wonders of life and the environment they occupy.

The audience is not only a spectator but actually a participant as everyone can touch, speak, answer, play along, and engage in a dialogue with these luminous figures which often have funny and unexpected things to say.

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